Nurses’ Voices: Season One

Please enjoy our first season of Nurses’ Voices, which originally debuted throughout 2021. You can watch below, or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or watching on YouTube.

In our final episode of season one, join us as we talk with Rebecca Gustafson, a current nursing student and Czarielle Dela Cruz, a recent nursing graduate, both from Ryerson University. Rebecca provides an extremely honest look into what it has been like to be a nursing student during the upheaval of COVID-19. And, learn how recent nursing graduate Czarielle has navigated the pandemic at the onset of her career at the bedside. Watch and listen to their stories now.

Nurses see patients at some of the most challenging times of their lives. But nurses can also experience their own struggles, at which point their own self-care and wellness need to take priority. In this emotional and inspirational episode, we speak with Katrina Stephenson and Sarah Bohachyk about the mental health struggles that nurses themselves face. Watch and listen to their stories now.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been grabbing the spotlight for the past 18 months, but the struggles that vulnerable populations have with mental health continue to persist. In this special episode we have a stigma-breaking conversation with Bonita Fanzega and Catherine Flynn about mental health nursing amongst marginalized communities. Watch and listen to their stories now.

Nursing in Canada’s North involves overcoming many challenges every day. Join us as we chat with Dianne Iyago (Public Health Nurse in Baker Lake, Nunavut) and Betty Strbac (Community Health Nurse in Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories) as they discuss the trust that needs to be built as a nurse in the North, how they have dealt with COVID-19, and how nursing is both challenging and rewarding in two of Canada’s most remarkable places. Watch and listen to their stories now.

Join us as we speak with Michelle Williams and Paul Hickey on the importance of homecare in Canada. Michelle and Paul talk about why they pursued homecare as a career, why it is such a rewarding experience, how it has changed during COVID-19, and why it has not received the attention it merits. Watch and listen to their stories now.

Join us as Natalie Stake-Doucet and Roya Kazempour take us behind-the-scenes in Quebec’s long-term care system, describing the devastating impact and tragic loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how structural issues can leave residents vulnerable. Natalie and Roya are passionate and hopeful, yet calls for change are necessary to improve the quality and conditions in long-term care. Watch and listen to their incredible stories now.

Join us as we hear the inspiring voices of Bahar Karimi and Sarah McNally, both from long-term care facility Idlewyld Manor in Hamilton, Ontario. Bahar and Sarah break the stigma of long-term care and discuss how their nursing practice is full of passion, compassion, resilience and innovation, especially during the incredibly challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Watch and listen to Bahar and Sarah’s incredible stories now.

Hear from Critical Care Nurse Managers Adam Gagnon and Patricia Daley about how they have adapted during the difficult, tense, and ever-changing times of COVID-19. Learn about how Adam and Patricia have maintained a high level of support for nurses throughout the pandemic while ensuring continued compassion for patients. Watch and listen to Adam’s and Patricia’s stories now!

Get a personal, inside view into intensive care units during the COVID-19 pandemic from critical care nurses Lisi Aldaba and Miriam Biju. Learn how Lisi and Miriam dealt with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 waves throughout the pandemic, including the immense stress and how care was compromised in hospitals, yet how they continued to make connections with patients. Watch and listen to Lisi’s and Miriam’s stories now!

Public Health has always been at the core of communities across Canada. In this episode, you will meet Janice Loe and Jane Skinner, two late career Public Health Nurses helping to lead the vaccination charge at Manitoba’s Prairie Mountain Health Region in Brandon. Hear Janice’s and Jane’s stories now!

In this episode we hear from two early career community health nurses working with the homeless population at the COVID Assisted Self Isolation Site run by The Alex in Calgary, Alberta. Tegan Broadhurst and Alysha Samji have taken the initiative to learn and expand their knowledge in an area of nursing that they have grown to love. Hear Tegan’s and Alysha’s stories now!

In our debut episode, we are proud to hear the Nurses’ Voices of  Chantel Antone and Chantalle Clarkin. We discuss the importance of story telling, and the criticality of nurses telling their own stories rather than having their stories told by others. Plus, the role storytelling plays in nursing eduction and practice, and the importance of storytelling to build connections between nurses, nurses and other healthcare professionals, nurses and patients and nurses public. Learn more about Chantel and Chantalle and listen and watch now!

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